A Passage Through ( english )

A Passage through developed into a theme over a period of ten years or so.
Within this ten years was an extended period without working.
It began with ‘Looking for a Light ‘ 1991. This piece was made as homage to Mark Rothko.
I was trying to create the situation where light penetrates the stone: for it to illuminate an internal space, without directly cutting through the stone. This led to thoughts on entrances, exits and internal space.
Internal space as form as well as the external surface dictating the form (A passage Through 2002-3) and untitled of the same year.
Two more pieces are slightly different in nature in as much as one has physical form passing through creating a discussion between two stones (Ulysses 2001-3).
The other (Like Ships in the Night 2005) has form creating an empty space which holds two stones in tension, giving a strength and physicality to empty space.